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We have created new display stands to dazzle your customers and boost sales. All stands are free.

The Premium + Dual Facing kit includes our rare and exquisite essential oils Sandalwood and Jasmine Absolute – Plus our other organic essential oils and wellness products.

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Also included are the two Balm displays that suit the 15ml Tins and the larger 35ml Jars, giving you the option to dual face the balms in a different area of your store or place them at the counter for that last minute impulse buy.

Display Dimensions:
Premium stand: W 600mm x D 324mm x H 476mm
15ml Balms stand: W 266mm x D 278mm x H 120mm
35ml Balms stand: W 266mm x D 278mm x H 120mm

All Premium stands have pull-out essential oil shelves to make re-stocking products a breeze.
And product information graphics are included for each oil and balm to help educate customers and assist sales staff.

Below is a quick instructional video illustrating the display stand features.  Display Stand – Video
We have different display options available, so if this one doesn’t feel right check out the links below for Alternative Sizes.

Premium Display
Small Display 
Complete Balms Set

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